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TAO Digital Library


TAO Digital Library (ISSN: 2282-1023) is an international series of publications
started in 2010 at the University of Bologna
devoted to:
analysis and transformation of social action processes
organizational change in enterprises and in work processes
relationships between work and well-being
learning processes
and any related issue

TAO DL welcomes disciplinary and multi- or inter-disciplinary contributions

The international scientific committee is composed of top level academics from various disciplines
Methodology of the Social Sciences, Economics, Labour Law, Sociology of Law,
Language Science, Psychology of Work, Sociology of Work, Management,
Science of the Education, Ergonomics, Occupational and Preventive Medicine,
Organization Studies

TAO DL allows authors to publish each paper in several languages
(English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian)

Every submission is peer-reviewed

Accepted manuscripts will be published on-line (on the AMS-Acta repository of the University of Bologna)
and legally deposited to protect the copyright

Authors keep the ownership of copyright, so they may publish their work
in journals or books, citing the original publication

Each publication is identified by a specific ISBN and DOI number

Publications can be freely accessed and downloaded









TAO DL is present in the networks of
EGOS (link),
EURAM (link),
Diritto e Società (link),
Laboreal (link),
Société internationale d'ergologie (link),
and in the
AIDEA's list of qualified publications (link)




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