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 Manuscript submission guidelines Riduci


Manuscripts must be original, not published or under review elsewhere. They have to be submitted by email to the Managing Editor (dl@taoprograms.org). Authors will receive an acknowledgment within fifteen working days.

The blind peer-review process will be managed by the International Scientific Committee; every paper will be reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be communicated by the Managing Editor through email.

Accepted manuscripts will be published on-line and legally deposited (in compliance with the Italian Law) to protect the copyright. Every publication will be identified by an ISBN.



Length: to be agreed with the Editorial Board

Format of submission: MSWord (.doc or .docx)

Language: Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German

Abstract: 120 words, in English

Page layout: Margins 3 cm (top, bottom, right, left).


First page:

Title:              The title of the manuscript should be typed in Book Antiqua, 14-point size, bold, with capital and lower-case letters, and centered at the top of the page.

Author(s):      The names of the authors and their affiliation should follow on separate lines below the title. They should be typed in Book Antiqua, 14, centered.

Abstract:        Provide a 120-words abstract of the text. It should be one paragraph long and complete in itself (no references). Abstract must be written in English. The font is Book Antiqua, 12-point size, Italics. Lines are single spaced and justified.

Keywords:     Provide up to 5 keywords to explain the domain and the scope of the contribution.


Following pages:

Title:                    In the second page, repeat the Title of the muscript, typed in Book Antiqua, 14-point size, bold, with capital and lower-case letters, flush left.

Major headings:  Book Antiqua, bold 12-point size, flush left, not numbered.

Text:                     Book Antiqua, 12-point size, justified. The first line of every paragraph should be indented (1,25 cm), line spacing should be set at 1,5. No space is left between paragraphs.



When necessary, insert the footnotes, numbered, at the end of the page (in the footer). Do not use footnotes for the references.



Cite all references in the text by author(s)’ surname, year of publication, and pagination where necessary.  Examples: (Thompson, 1967: 121). Multiple citations should be separated by semicolons (Simon, 1947; Thompson, 1967). If there are multiple authors: in case of dual authorship provide both authors’ surnames (March, Simon, 1958); in case of three or more authors, provide the first surname only, followed by “et al.” in italics (Pugh et al., 1968).

When citing a more recent edition of a previously published book, provide the year of publication of both the first edition and the cited edition (Taylor, 1911/1947). List all references cited in the text at the end of the paper, under the heading “References”. 


Books are listed in following way:

March J.G., Simon H.A.

1958    Organizations, New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Simon H.A.

1947    Administrative Behavior, New York: MacMillan.

1969    The sciences of the artificial, Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Thompson J.D.

1967    Organizations in action, New York: McGraw-Hill.

Taylor F.W.

1911/1947 Shop Management in Scientific Management, New York: Harper & Brothers.


Papers are listed in the following way: 

DiMaggio P.J., Powell W.W.

1983    The iron cage revisited: institutional isomorphism and collective rationality in  organizational fields, American Sociological Review, 48, 2: 147-160.

Gouldner A.W.

1959    Organizational Analysis, in Merton R.K., Broom L., Cottrell L.S. (Eds.), Sociology Today: 400-23, New York: Basic Books.

Pugh D.S., Hickson D., Hinings C.R., Turner C.

1968    Dimensions of organizational structure, Administrative Science Quarterly, 13, 1: 65-105.


Contributions published by the TAO Digital Library:


2010    Title, http://amsacta.cib.unibo.it, Bologna: TAO Digital Library.



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