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Interdisciplinary Research Program
"Organization and Well-being"

 Organization and Well-being Riduci

The Interdisciplinary Research Program “Organization and Well-being”, based on the Theory of Organizational Action, founded and coordinated by Bruno Maggi, former Professor of Organization Theory, Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna, and Faculty of Law, University of Milan.

Formally constituted in the 80s’ after more than a decade of interdisciplinary research about work and health, the Program is aimed to identify the connections between the choices, both the actual and the programmable ones, about the organizational work processes, and the people’s health, as defined by WHO (World Health Organization) in terms of physical, mental and social well-being improving process. The various disciplines required by this research object – biomedicine, sociology, economics, psychology and engineering – are integrated by the use of the Method of the Organizational Congruencies.

 The Interdisciplinary Research Program “Organization and Well-being” promotes analysis of work situations, ergonomic design, and training and education. The research outcomes are published as well as discussed in seminars.

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