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Research Program
"L'Officina di Organizzazione"
 L'Officina di Organizzazione™ Riduci

The Research Program about organizational change “L’Officina di OrganizzazioneTM” (The Organization Workshop), based on the Theory of Organizational Action, founded and coordinated by Bruno Maggi, former Professor of Organization Theory, Faculty of Economics, University of Bologna, and Faculty of Law, University of Milan. 

The Research Program “L’Officina di Organizzazione” is aimed at studying how firms change and how work is transformed.

This original meeting between Firms and University has generated a privileged observation point about the changes of Italian firms: in thirty years, more than 150 cases have been discussed, concerning evolutions of the general organizational assets and design, changes of line and staff units, transformations of the organizational actions at the firms’ boundaries and itineraries of intervention on the organization. They also emphasize the connections between the organizational choices and the strategic, marketing, information systems, human resource management choices.

The research outcomes are published in books and scientific journals.

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23 febbraio 2018, Università del Salento,
Seminario Officina di Organizzazione
Digitalizzazione dei processi di produzione e Industria 4.0
Temi e questioni di ricerca interdisciplinare
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De l'agir organisationnel. Un point de vue sur le travail, le bien-être, l'apprentissage

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